The Ball Yard has been training hitters since 1998. It has become one of the foremost hitting facilities in the nation and is a leader in training innovation and player development.

Proper hitting starts from the set-up or stance where the hitter makes an athletic move to a strong balance position, without shifting their weight backward.

The swing starts from that position and should generate a long path to extension which allows the bat to get into, and stay in the zone longer. The bat does not come around the plate, or the hitting zone, but drives forward through it, with the hitter’s body supporting the move.

Proper techniques improve timing and pitch recognition and are a function of balanced athletic movement. Effective contact and power are increased as more energy is transferred in a line through, rather than around the ball.

Sadly, the vast majority of hitting instruction completely contradicts proper body movements and swing mechanics. Hitters are often taught bad techniques like “stay back”, “pivot”(squash the bug), “swing down on the ball”, “hips first to swing”,”barrel to the ball”,”flat bat”,”let the ball get deep”, “load”, “separate”, and “coil”-all of which compromise the hitter’s athletic movement, balance, and efficiency. Although widespread and common in hitting instruction at all levels of the game, these techniques will limit a hitter’s ability to compete consistently and successfully.

Hitting is a process, and that process begins at the Ball Yard.

The Ball Yard staff is dedicated to working with hitters to develop athletic moves and mechanics which will allow them to take their game to a different level.

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The Ball Yard is provides clinics for coaches and hitting instructors from baseball and softball. Private clinics are available.

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